Wednesday, July 07, 2004

1) Starting Time: 11:42pm my time (british, GMT), 5:42pm your time (usa central) 7th of July
2) Name: Emma the Great
3) Nicknames: Em, Queen of the World, World Dictator. also Eminem and Emba by my little brother, who i then call back Ken-ken or Kenny, for those of you who were wondering.
4) School: Southwestern University in Georgetown (not the weird UT branch that's also known as Party City, USA and is changing its name this year)
5) Hair color: long and brown (i didnt misread that.. i just interpreted it)
6) Eyes: green luvly
7) Height: officially i'm 5'5 1/2.. but i've grown!! i'm maybe even like 5'6 now.. gettin on up, yo.
8) Siblings: fuck. one younger real sister, elizabeth, 3 older step-sisters, 1 younger half brother(kenneth), and two younger twin half-sisters(alice & heather).
9) Ever Been So Drunk You Blacked Out: nope, and i never plan to be.
10) Missed School Because It Was Raining: no, but i did miss school once because the water boiler exploded. we were out of school for like two days. very nice <- same
11) Set Any Body Part On Fire For Amusement: i once pulled out a few strands of my hair and burned it, but it wasnt attached to my body (i'm not a complete idiot), so does it count?
13) Had An Imaginary Friend: no, but i used to talk to ghosts
14) Wanted To Hook Up With A Friend: er.. yes? i usually try to make some aquaintence with people before i 'hook up' with them.. but i know i'm prolly the exception, not the rule.
15) Cried During A Flick: yea, i'm such a sentimental dictator
16) Ever Liked A Teacher: er.. not in that way.
17) Ever Thought An Animated character was hot: er. no.
18) Ever Prank Called Someone: yes, in 7th grade. then caller id became wide-spread.
19) Deodorant: arrid powder fresh
20) Shampoo: er.. some special stuff for long hair
21) Soap: i really like that milk and honey stuff, but i'm not picky. whatever's bubbly
23) favorite TV station: er.. no.
24) Kind of music: er.. not picky.
25) satin or silk: i forgot what satin is. i'm such a good female.
26) favorite Cartoon Character: probably jason fox from foxtrot. GO GEEKS!
27) Have a bf/gf: er.. yes.
28) Love anyone: er.. yes
29) Loudest Friend: me and kathy. i am my own friend, yes.
30) Who is the smartest: DUH kathy and aj. and prolly chris too. and tri. and sean. DAMN i need to stop hanging out with smart people. talk about how to feel stupid.
31) Who Do You Go to For Advice: my girlz (kk&e), aj, and gentry
32) Do You Cry: NO i have never cried in my life.
33) Been Mean: i am so. so. evily mean.
34) Been sarcastic: i never stop being sarcastic. and because sarcasm lacks in britain, i often confuse british people because they cant tell when i'm being serious. it's rather awkward when people think EVERYTHING you say is true....
35) Talked To Someone You Have A Crush On: well, yes. what kind of lame ass question is that? <- agreed
36) Missed Someone: i'm 3,000 miles away from all my friends.. what do you think??!
38) Fought with your parents: oh man.
39) Ever wish upon A Star: of course. i even said the little rhyme
40) Laughed Until You Cried: of course
41) Watched A Sunrise/Sunset: of course.
42) Went 2 The Beach @ Nite: yes, in the carribean surrounded by about a bazillion stars. it was cool.
43) Are you happy right now: i'm getting by
44) Are you talkin to sumone: not even myself.

---------DO YOU BELIEVE IN----------

45) God/Devil: god yes, devil no
46) Loving someone? of course
47) The Big Bang Theory: how about god created the big bang? why cant we mix the two. i never understood that.
48) Heaven/Hell: i believe you create your own heaven during your life... and it might be a hell if you make it so.
49) Who Named You? me.
50) When Was The Last Time You Showered: morningtime
51) What is right next 2 you: blanket to the left of me, pillow on the right. and i'm, stuck in the middle with my computer. stuck in the middle with my computer. well it started out as nothing and you're proud that you're a self-made - ok. shutting up with the singing now.
52) What Is Your Computer Desk Made Of? i have no computer desk right now, just a lovely mattress. so... mattress-making stuff.
53) What Are The Last 4 Digits In You Phone: i have no fingers or toes in my phone.
54) What Was The Last Thing You Ate? a 3-course fancy thai meal with my dad
56) Who Do You Wanna Spend The Rest Of Your Life With: i know
57) How Many Buddies Do You Have On Your List: i'm not going to go look.
58) How's The Weather Right Now: well, being as it's night time.. it's dusky. that's what happens when you're this far north. sun'll be up soon, dont worry. it's almost midnight after all. being that i'm in aberdeen.. my bets are on it being cloudy.
59) Have You Ever Smoked Pot: nah
60) Do You Eat Oreos: i did, but my mom banned them because they have trans-fats and partially hydrogenated soybean oil, so now i eat organic oreos. they're actually pretty good, though.
62) Favorite Song: mundain to bach kai - punjabi MC, and also some others
63) Favorite Food: taco bell?
65) Are You Too Shy To Ask A Boy/Girl Out? no
66) If u Could Change ur Name, what would it be? Emma Asil B Hodcroft the Great
67) Firstborn son's name will be: kenneth or sean maybe?
68) Daughter's Name Will Be: alyssia and anakara maybe. i really like anakara. came to me in a dream. seriously.
70) Do You Like Scary Or Happy Movies? depends what mood i'm in
71) Do You Like Talking To People On The phone or in person? 99.9% in person
72) Lust Or Love? love
73) Do You Consider Cheerleading A Sport: do you consider ballet a sport? or swing dancing? i dont think that 'exherting and sometimes competative' is all it takes to be a sport. not saying it's not either of the above.. i just think 'sport' is a different catagory.
74) Do You Want Your Friends To Do This And Send it back: i will make up a hit list if they dont.
75) How much time did you spend on this quiz(so far): like half an hour or so. or, if you go by the date alone, a whole day.
76) Why do you bother sending chain letters? i dont. i post them. because i'm addicted, and they havent got a patch yet.
77) Have u ever had a hickie: yes. i dont like hickies.
78) What's the best flavor of tic-tac? orangee!!
79) What's your favorite language you can't speak? norweigen or gaelic
80) Dyfunctional family?: my dad cheated on my mom, my mom does crack, and my sister is a whore. ok, not really. but yes, i have a very, very dysfunctional family.
81) Anything to do: 1)post this 2) sleep 3) get up 4) buy wellys (rubber boots) 5)go back to cottage
82) Favorite Sports?: british football (soccer)
83) Who are your closest friends?: lots of people, but aj, my girls, and gentry deserve a shoutout
84) Finishing time: 12:15am 8th of July... i am now a whole day ahead of the rest of you! bwahahahhahahahaa...

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